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Make a Better Mousetrap
In Connecticut

Years ago we spent most of Christmas day trying to save a baby mouse who had eaten poison (we had maliciously set out). Somehow poisoning adult mice seemed acceptable, but never babies. We felt dreadful when the poor little thing died, and all the poison left the house for good. If you really want to catch mice, but not kill them, try this -- it works!

Cut a hole in the lid of a Quaker Oats (or similar) box about the size of a half dollar In the bottom of the empty box put a tablespoon of peanut butter (a preferred mouse food) . Replace the lid and put the container in a mouse-friendly location -- we put ours in a lower kitchen cabinet which we had observed to be their dining alcove. Every evening when we arrived home we'd lift the lid and find a mouse sitting unhappily inside, ready for the trip to the woods!

We'll tell you what we're doing here... then maybe you'll tell us what you're doing there.

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