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Over and Over
In New York

The brilliant colors of fall are just about to light the horizons across the Northeast. I've already made my first apple crisp and had my first glass of cider. Yet, I find myself wanting just a little more of summer as I begin to think of decorating the house with pumpkins and gourds.

Wearing a pair of shoes selected hastily this morning, I sat wiggling my toes inside of them during a lengthy meeting. Stuck to the soles of my feet and in between toes was the sand deposited in them late this summer after a walk along a beach in Maine. Questioning myself in silence I asked how could I have ever worn these shoes to the beach, followed by an annoying realization that I would never get the sand out. Then as I pulled my feet from the shoes to inspect the sand upon them, I was softened by how ingenious I had been to wear them.

The sight of my sand covered toes and the tan lines across my feet where my sandals had exposed them warmed my thoughts to those summer pleasures I so enjoyed and that seemed to pass way too quickly. The perception that the summer months pass more quickly than the other seasons is one that many share. It's as long as the other seasons, but for those who feel its passing moments we sense the approaching break from what we savor most.

Each year we look foward to the repetition of the routine we have established from summer to summer. Some go camping, others fishing, still others bask in the flames of a campfire, go to the races, and so on. Most of us celebrate summer much the same way from year to year, adding a new experience that evolves in time to be part of the routine. For us, this routine has evolved from trips to museums, concerts and other events to camping in our favorite places, soaking in the rejuvenating glow of a campfire, grilling a great meal, sipping our favorite cold teas and sodas, biking and hiking our favorite trails, cooling off in the pool, sleeping in late and sharing in the sport of baseball with our sons who love to play the game.

My mind wanders to the slide shows on my laptop of the summer fun I've created to look at over and over. My mind wanders more and I am reminded that bonfires, grilled meats, t-shirts and shorts and even baseball will go on until cold weather forces all of this to nap a while. As I look down at my toes again and wiggle them some more I feel the grainy sand between them, and I know that summer will linger on through fall and winter every time I wear these shoes.

Prepare for the impressive fall colors, those chilly football games and other events, but take a bit of summer with you into the fall.

We'll tell you what we're doing here... then maybe you'll tell us what you're doing there.

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