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How Does Your Garden Grow? (continued)
In New York

KATEY'S SUPER SALAD: Featured a wonderful combination of tender - lettuce and homegrown asparagus, scallions, and lobster meat (brought down from an island off the coast of Maine), tossed with a light vinaigrette dressing, and served with the colorful adornment of edible flowers (on this occasion violets and Johnny-jump-ups were used)

This wonderful salad, eaten on the porch, overlooking meadows and pond in the warmth of spring sunshine was not merely a meal, but more an event which celebrated the end of winter, the renewal of the earth, and the joy of friendship -- it was simple, elegant, and exquisitely satisfying, accompanied by a nice white wine and some savory wholegrain wafers. You can recreate this experience using ingredients you buy from a good grocer (if you don't have access to a garden). The lobster from the very cold waters off the Maine coast has meat which is very sweet and delicate (and hard to come by), but shrimp will provide a similar flavor and texture and will complement all the other ingredients in your salad. Then add a perfect day and a special friend for a wonderful memory. By the way, I buy jumbo shrimp frozen, thaw them in cold water and lemon, and separate the flesh into chunks. And, if you're interested in edible flowers -- learning what's safe to eat and how the different flowers taste -- explore Internet sites on edible flowers there are several and some have useful charts.

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